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One of the first things you should do is make checklist, this is important because you can log everything as you box it up and take note of the items as you unpack them.


Anything that might add to the moving price might be worth getting rid of. Anything that is now deemed surplus to you like old items can be donated to charities if in decent condition or disposed of. You can even arrange a yard sale to help make some money and put it towards the move.


You can use local hardware stores to buy boxes and other wrapping material like bubble wrap and such. It is good to buy an assortment of sizes to help box up various items such as clothes, vases, kitchen pieces etc. All boxes should be able to be sealed with packing taping to keep things secure and from falling out in transit.


The one thing you will need is lots of wrapping paper to protect home items; one way to save some money is use old newspapers or magazines to wrap up glasses and cups and vases. Bubble wrap is also great for televisions, computers, laptops and other electrical goods. Shrink wrap should be used to keep dresser draws closed. Anything that can add cushioning is always helpful when moving and items, it all helps.


If its heavy and you really don’t need it anymore then leave it behind? Not only can you save huge amounts of money due to transport weight of these items you can also free up space for other items at your new location.


Select an experienced moving company because with movers you get what you pay for. By selecting licensed and insured moving companies like our moving company you know you are in good hands. With Inexperienced movers you risk scratched walls, damaged furniture, banged up floors and even stuff going missing. This can cost you more money in the long run so buy spending a bit extra up front for someone reliable it will save you a headache later on.


If you use the alphabet system you should have no problem relocating the items on the other end. Assign each box a letter and have what’s packed under that letter recorded on a piece of paper or a computer document. So for example (A) – Kitchen: blender, pots and pans (B)- Kitchen: Utensils, toaster, microwave and so on.


Sharpie markers are great to label boxes for what rooms they are meant to be assigned to. Not only does it help movers work quicker it makes packing very easy for you. Write fragile on the boxes that have things that need extra care, also “this way up” helps movers make sure they are loading things correctly on the truck.

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